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For a Larger Show for 300 to 500 Plus People then Siddy's Mobile Disco Concert System can give a Great Value Large Sound and Light System.

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1st Caynham Mill Bash

Stage built off haystacks

2nd Caynham Bash

A wood / concrete structure sprouts in the corner

3rd Caynham Bash

Getting much louder and brighter

Julie's Wedding

Big tent, Big garden & Siddy..all you need to party!

Julie's Wedding 2

The girls get down to it

Wolverhampton Bikers Bash

The tent before the bikers got to it.

Bikers out to Cruise

The oldest out first, the young are still unconscious

Music for You Concerts

Siddy on the desks so as you can see and hear.

Civic Wedding

Civic centre, a great place to party

Heath Hotel

Nothing like a balcony to enhance the light show

Manor Hotel

6th Formers shake the building down

Quayle & Sid Party Together

Ryan get the show on the way, but who's supporting who.

Year 11

Students get together for the last time

Clent Hills Beacon Night

The rangers and Siddy build a massive bonfire and get ready for the party.

Clent Hills Rock to Siddy Sounds

The biggest party, ever, on Clent.

Fire in the School Hall

Nothing like a warm start.

School Charity Disco

Students shake it all for charity

Early School Shake-down

Through time, students have always known how to party (1985)