The Teams that helped make it all possible




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Fiona, Estelle & Sue

Estelle became Ford motors first lady executive engineer and went on to marry MD of Dagenham plant.
Sue became an industrial chemist and now commutes between UK and USA

Elaine & Tracy with Emma

Elaine is now a research chemist with 3M, Tracey still enjoys dance and choreography.

Sam & Tina

Tina is now qualified as a doctor, working in New Zealand. Tina married a medic she on the same medical course at Birmingham University.

Sue & Tina

Sue married on new years day 2000 & still knows how to party


Sam moved south and is now happily married & living in Plymouth.


Tina was always very determined and after ten mins of pain got round the table


Jill was a real "Dancing Queen" she could cruise the floor like no other. Jill is now a research department manager for a large Anglo-American Company running mainly facilitation seminar's


Pam is Sue's Sister she just loved to 'Rock'


Craig wins the round the table contest.


Richard now works as a computer systems & network consultant and still enjoys making the lights shine by VDJing at midland night spots

Richard & Suzi

Suzi has now completed her teacher training at Worcester college and is enjoying her first post.

Alison & Emma

Alison became a fully qualified traffic planning engineer

Alison & Emma

Emma has explored many career areas before focusing on computer systems


Famous DofE leader for outdoor pursuits, trained & qualified as a teacher, now teaching PE in the lakes.

Carly & Jenny

Carly graduated with a degree in Business Management, now working for Tarmac as Marketing Officer as well some Post Grad work.

Carly & Jenny

Jenny now working in Malvern as an accountant. She is still a party animal and very much a "Dancing Queen"

Carly, Jenny & Sue

Sue married her Take That lookalike boyfriend and still knows how to party


A fabulous artist who's wiring skills lead to becoming manager of a Tandy electronics store


Ecology graduate who became a landscape gardener & still supports Green Peace

Stephanie & Claire

Stephanie works for a building society and gives advice on money management. She still helps organise the gang show.

Stephanie & Carly

Claire has had many interests and has worked closely with the planning manager of the safari park

Emily & Lucy

Lucy, Stephanie's younger sister, is now studying at university

Emily, Lucy,
Sian & Kate

Sian enjoys studying psychology, while working for an electrical installation company

Emily & Kate

Emily passed psychology and physics A-levels, taking a year out before university.

The different mixes of the gang of four plus Laura (who still loves Justin)
Emily & Sian

Dave, Mark & Camo

Mark has always been fit and active and is now dept fire chief at Kidderminster fire station


Richard brought a surf shack in Cornwall and now runs his own dive school. He has married a doctor.

Kate & Charleen

Kate is Emily's sister and is studying for her A-levels. She is an expert at karate and toured Europe with the squad

Kate & Suzy

Suzy is an expert chef and hairdresser, currently chef in charge of Steps House.

Emily & Emily

Emily had lots of Emily's as friends

Kate & Suzi

Back together at christmas

Kate & Shania

Shania, a Greek lady, loves to party, has a wide range of interests and loves Prince William.


Bernadette still manages to smile after carrying the gear up stairs!

Bernadette and Claire

Both studying GCSE's and boys

Helen & C

Helen Abandons Matthew for the night to rescue Siddy!


Charlotte joins the team for the Red Nose Bash

Lou Kerryn Amy

Siddy's special team who can rig and run sound and light systems from a practice room to a large theatre!


Charmaine is expert in many fields and is now studying Japanese


Sarah has a great personality, loves to dance and party.



Wendy is works with Sarah making up a brill team!

Emma and Kayley

Two experts one of Drama the other of Dance. Another great team!