A Typical Wedding Shoot


IVAN has been taking photographs and teaching photograph for over 3 decades now, so has worked in many environments takes photographs for many different types of client. From court evidence photo's, company portfolios, studio work and of course weddings IVAN has been there and done that.

Where IVAN is different is that he rarely keeps his copyright and will usually hand over all the negatives to the client so that no nasty reprint prices are demanded.

When taking Wedding Photographs IVAN usually assumes that it is very much the bride's day so will start the shoot at the bride's house unless another approach is requested.

Before the wedding IVAN will photograph a range of bride and groom photographs so the type of smile that works best can be practised, and good camera eye contact established.

A Typical Siddy Wedding Shoot :-

At the bride's home
  Getting dressed - Bride in dress with mirror behind.
Bride inside / outside house wearing dress.
Bride with bridesmaids.
Bride with mother / father.
Requested "stills" e.g. flowers, shoes, and dress details.
At the church
People arriving
Groom and bestman clowning about.
Arrival of the bride.
Bride with father entering church.
Service shots (some discreet without flash ) including aisle groupings.
Signing of the register ( with registrar )
Outside church guests greeting and congratulating the happy couple.
Usual group photographs starting with bride and groom until "the everybody" on gang photograph.
Confetti Photographs.
Bride and groom getting into car / in car shots and kiss.
Car leaving guests waving
At the reception.
Rerun of the key group shots including the red carpet and outside of venue.
Bride and groom greeting guests.
Main bride and groom shots head and shoulders, full length, and "the kiss" posed in grounds, gardens, or on stairs which ever best suits the dress.
Natural photographs of guests small group shots
Stills of the cake and room.
Table group photographs.
Photographs of speeches and toasts.
The Disco / Party
The first Dance
Parents dancing with bride and groom.
Candid party photographs.
The last dance / bodies unconscious at end.


A Typical Package

For a typical wedding IVAN ( Siddy ) will Finish and enhance around 500 photographs example guide prices are give below see main web site for more information

Ivan Stewart Photography

Bronze Digital photography £350
Wedding Photographs with disco


Compared to other master photographers whose prices typical start at over £1250 plus then "Siddy is magic value".