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  Photographs from Christmas to start the New Year off    
To Start the 2004 Page for Siddy Sounds Mobile Disco we begin with a few Christmas parties
Siddy Sounds mobile disco will give a day to remember for parties large or small
Siddy Starts the Christmas magic at the High School as the students get hot on the Dance floor! Siddy's great Mobile Disco takes a plain school hall and turns it into a Party Zone in just 1 hour
Siddy gets them all hot at the Hundred House where Brent Homes have their Christmas Bash.
Margret Siddy keeps the party going at the Geroge Hotel Bewdley after flooding causes the party to move from the rowing club. Cheeky Girls
Chelle and Phil Siddy's mobile disco keeps the party going for young and old to celebrate an 18th and 21st birthay days in the village hall. Only a few have the energy to stand at the end
Stourport Sports Club gets Siddy in for their Annual Awards night with an England International Presenting the awards but hey if we have Siddy we just have to Party!
Jackie says goodbye to friends and colleagues when she invites them to a Special party at the Bank House Worcester, and she still leads the way as she shows everyone how to party!

Jane does a lot of secret planning for Mick's surprise Birthday party and gets his friends to dress him for the occation

  Jenny and Darren get married and celebrate at the Ramada Hotel with their friends.  
  Michelle and Mark use Siddy's mobile disco to give their wedding a brilliant party  
Kieth is 40 so it was time to celebrate with friends and family as Siddy plays 70's style
Mark and Charlene plan the perfect wedding in the wonderful Swiss Gardens in Bedfordshire
Jason and Julie know Siddy's mobile disco will make their day GREAT as friends and family join their Party at the Gainsbrough

Siddy again helps the Y11 celebrate at their leavers dinner dance held at the Gainsbrough House Hotel

Its a great night to remember!


Jonathan and Juliette have a wonderful wedding at Burnside Hotel Windermere

Carla and Jo have a Great 18th Disco Party with Siddy of course!
Laura and Justin take over the Ramada Hotel with Siddy and Fireworks for their Wedding
Kate and Chris's Haloween Party is great with Siddy's Mobile Disco!
Karen and Mike have a wonderful wedding at the Bank House Westminster Suite with Siddy's Mobile Disco
Burcu gets Adam very hot on their Wedding Day
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