Past Discos

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(1) School Disco '85 (2) Becky and Friends (3) Party at the Cricket Club (4) Boat Club Regatta (5) Pole climbing at the Regatta
(6) Party Lads (7) Chain and Wire Party (8) Yes, Siddy has Angels (9) Future fans shown how to do it (10) 6th Form Bomb the Heath
(11/12/13/14) Year 11 students party together for the last time (15) Bit of classic culture before Siddy
(16) When the Severns Ruled (17) Time to Party again!! (18) Lads have fun again! (19) Few smiles before we let our hair down (20) Pete, Phil and Greg showing the way.
(21/22/23/24/25) Memories of another great night when Siddy takes over the Heath
(26)Party in the Block! (27/28) Reflections of the severns (29) All night party people bring tents (30) The Party Hot Dogs get ready for action
(31) Party girls at the ready (32) Staff and Students rev up (33) Time to shake the Granary (34) Hold me in your loving arms (35) Lets get ready to rock!
(36) Time for a little man hunting! (37)The drama group (38)Rowena and friends (39)Jackie and Sam (40) Is it your round?
(41) Sports day is party time (42) Alex gets his hands going! (43) Time to party! (44) The lads are doing it... (45) ... and so are the sisters!
(46) A time when we had time for ballons! (47) The Gangs out tonight. (48) Leavers dinner dance at the Heath (49) Siddy sets Steve up. (50) James gets the girls in a spin
(51) The Kim and Amy Gang. (52) Whose behind me then? (53) Party at the Gainsbrough (54) Stourport Tennis Club Party  
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